Welcome to my homepage.

I'm S Krishna Savant. I go by my first name Savant. I'm currently a Senior Undergraduate at IIT Bombay. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Recent News

  • 22/04/14 : Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2014 with PointCloud Library (PCL). More details about project in Blog Post
  • 15/11/12 : Completed the VLSI CAD course project on High Level Synthesis. 'epsilon-to-verilog'. Epsilon is a custom high level language and epsilon-to-verilog generates verilog code which can be synthesized to hardware (FPGA/CPLD)
  • 13/10/12 : Started working on auv_localization package for testing algorithms on a land robot. The software architecture of land robot is here
  • 02/10/12 : Completed a basic GUI using ROS. Would help in debugging. It is available here
  • 10/09/12 : Midsem week starts...
  • 07/09/12 : Selected for the software profile of AUV-IITB Team. Yay!!
  • 25/08/12 : Started working on the tasks for selection to AUV-IITB Team. Update: Details of tasks at this repo
  • 25/08/12 : Succesfully completed the Final Evaluations of GSoC 2012.
    Refer gnucap-gsoc blog
    or Github branch
  • 17/08/12 : Updated my webpage!
  • 19/07/12 : Fifth semester started...

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