I took a whole variety of additional courses apart from the core (compulsory) courses. Here comes the list of all the courses I took during my 3+ years here at IIT Bombay.
* Courses in italic are being taken presently in Spring 2014
Additional courses (Electives)
Advanced Machine Learning Matrix Computations
Foundations of Machine Learning Advanced Computing for EE
Design and Implementation of FP Languages Games and Information
Artificial Intelligence Foundations of VLSI CAD
Data Structures and Algorithms Discrete Structures
A First Course in Optimization Introduction to Quantum mechanics
Computer Networks
Core EE theory courses
Control Systems Power Systems
Digital Communications Digital Signal Processing
Microprocessors Digital Sytems
Communication sytems Electromagnetic Waves
Signals and Systems Probability and Random Processes
Analog circuits Electronic devices and circuits
Introduction to electronics Electrical machines and power electronics
Network theory Introduction to electrical systems
Core EE lab courses
Control Systems Lab
Communications Lab Microprocessors Lab
Digital Circuits Lab Analog lab
Machines Lab Electronic devices lab
Institute core theory courses
Complex Analysis Differential Equations II
Linear Algebra Differential Equations
Calculus Data Analysis and Interpretation
Computer Programming and Utilization Electricity and Magnetism
Chemistry Economics
Institute core lab courses
Experimental and Measurement Laboratory Engineering Graphics and Drawing
Physics lab Chemistry lab
Workshop practice